Iridology is the study of the Iris.  Understanding various  color and markings in the iris is a window to illness and disease within the body.   There are 4 stages of illness - acute, sub-acute, chronic and degenerative.  These stages are determined by the level of acidosis within the body.   All illness and disease is created by acidic cellular waste caused by stagnation in the  lymphatic system.   

By Studying the Iris one can easily determine genetic weaknesses.  This all aids in helping your animal not only recover from any condition but to enhance overall health and wellness within the body.   

The iris will show levels of lymphatic build up and deterioration from acidic waste in the body showing up as layers over the eye itself.   If your animals eye is foggy that will show lymphatic buildup throughout the entire system.  As the layers of toxicity becomes more chronic to degenerative the areas of the eye becomes darker and with a stagnate lymphatic system may have a footy white haze over the entire eye. 


Each part of the eye itself represents different areas of the body - a window into that specific area.  

The dog to left has kidney weakness the dark spot shows a degenerative condition has now formed in the kidneys.  Understanding what causes this and where its effecting the body makes recovering from such a condition easier to accomplish.  

Basic chemistry is where we begin.  The body is basically made up of  chemistry so lets begin there.    Given there are only two sides to chemistry, acid and base, we can reverse the condition by introducing a more alkaline base chemistry into the body to neutralize the acids which is causing the illness.  The easiest way to do this is by what your pet eat, drinks, puts on their skin and breaths.  

A species friendly diet is most important.  Food has everything to do with health.  The cells must be nourished in order to maintain health and if everything in the body is made up of nothing but a bunch of cells then it is the cells we must focus on.  Food and nourishment is key in rebuilding cellular structure and neutralizing the acid pH but now we must support the lymphatic system which cleans those cells.  The lymphatic system is also referred to as the immune system.  The lymphatic system removes acidic cellular waste from the body through the kidneys.  The correct combination of herbs  are most important in supporting such a process.  Without the proper support the lymphatic system will back up.   

By supporting the natural process of detoxification is the only way for the body to recover.  Alkalization through nourishment will neutralize the acids in the body creating the condition and the detoxification process will remove all acidic cellular waste, parasites, fungus, harmful bacterias, and damaged cells from the body.  

Detoxification is a natural inherent process within us all yet strangely enough seems to be the most feared.  We as a society have been conditioned to fear a natural detox because to brings about symptoms.   Symptoms of detox is only stronger when the body is more toxic.  We all have cellular waste and digestive waste.  Cellular waste needs to be eliminated daily as well and if suppressed for long periods of time detox symptoms will become more symptom prone.  

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